How To Apply Eyeliner For Small Eyes?

how to apply eyeliner for small eyes

Just as there are different ways of putting on makeup, different colors of eyeliners and different ways of applying it, there are also different ways of eyes. They can be more torn, rounder, bigger and even smaller. In this case, those people who have small eyes, usually, seek to enhance their eyes and get the most out of it . For that reason, your way of applying the eyeliner should be different from that of a person with large eyes.

With the eyeliner the small eye is enhanced

There are several aspects to which attention must be paid in order to achieve an ideal outline. These are the length of it, its width and the final inclination of the eyeliner. Once these three aspects are controlled and the key has been found to learn how to paint their eyes as it suits each person, it will only be a matter of practice to do it faster and with less difficulty, without errors and without the need to return To start over and over again.

There are many types of eye shape, but in the case of small eyes, there are a number of tricks or steps that must be taken into account to apply the eyeliner.


    • Eyeliner thickness: To delineate small eyes you have to take into account an aspect that will change the result completely . This refers to the width of the outline that is made. That is, the thicker it is, the smaller the eye will appear. Therefore, it is recommended to buy an eyeliner with a fine tip, which facilitates this action. And at the same time, during the moment of delineating the eye, avoid making a lot of pressure so as not to excessively mark the line and make it wider.
    • Blur the outlined: This is another of the possibilities that many people decide to carry out. It is about blurring the eyeliner line in order to make its color and therefore effect less intense. This will cause the look to be less hardened and therefore, in those with small eyes, their gaze will not be reduced.

The eyeliner should be thin to make the look bigger

    • Avoid liquid: For those who have small eyes , the liquid eyeliner will not be beneficial. The main reason is that this type of eyeliners are usually represented more darkly and intensely on the eyelid.
    • Uniformize the area: In addition to applying the eyeliner, it will be good to make up the eyelid in order to give it a base that you fill with the eyeliner. In this case, lighter eye shadows are recommended than the pencil with which it is to be delineated. As a recommendation, attention should never be put on makeup but on the person. If so, the work done with it will have been successful.
    • Illuminate the look: Not only will it be a matter of how to draw the eyeliner but there is another series of steps that can be taken to avoid making the eye smaller. One of the most important will be the use of silver or gold highlighters or pencils that should be applied in the area of ​​the tear and even in the part of the eyelid closest to it.

Apply light eyeshadow to accentuate your look

    • Apply from the middle of the eye: The eyeliner should start from the middle of the eye and extend outward to prevent the eye from appearing to be smaller.
    • Delineate the lower eyelid: In this case many people decide not to use stripe for the lower eyelid area since they believe it reduces the effect of their eyes. Even so, it is recommended that if it is done on the outside and in turn use a less intense color the better in order to cause a more expansive effect on the look.

Use the brown eyeliner to outline the lower eyelid

  • Importance of dark circles: Before starting to create the eyeliner it is recommended to cover the dark circles with a concealer in order to look better and give breadth to the eyes since other aspects of the face also influence how they look.

In short, although there are different tricks that will allow the person to look a bigger look, the important thing is to feel comfortable with any makeup that is applied on the eye area . In the end, it is what will accompany the person in their day to day so that the best thing is to go practicing and finding the way to paint that most satisfied makes the person feel and in turn, that allows him to show off in the best way , developing its full potential. As previously mentioned, not only the shape of the eyes but other aspects such as their color will also influence the options or possibilities of makeup on the look.