How To Apply Eyeliner Step By Step?

How To Apply Eyeliner Step By Step

The perfect eye makeup is something that requires practice and especially knowing how to apply the eye shadows and also how not to know how to make an eyeliner as we explain with a complete step guide , although the simplest.

Steps to make a perfect eyeliner

There are several steps to follow to make an eyeliner that is perfect, so let’s go with them so that you can have a complete guide about it.

1. Start with an eyeliner

We start with something that is worth mentioning if you do not have too much experience in delineating the eyes or in fact you have never done it: it is best to use a black pencil, for at least two reasons: first, it is an easier product of driving and because it has a more compact consistency , also because it is you who decides the thickness you want to give the tip , so you can choose immediately if you want a thinner or thicker outline.

Also, if you make a mistake, simply mix with a short, thick bristle brush to get a smoky effect.

The most important thing is not to focus on the precision of the line and the tail (or end) but try to stay as close as possible to the eyelashes so that your outline is perfect.

2. Use a white pencil as a guide

When using a black pencil eyeliner, you can use the white pencil (or, alternatively, the shadow of the same color) to know how to follow the line in the upper eyeliner. Simply draw a line at the top that will help you “guide” you to use the eyeliner, in order to have an address to follow … in this way the application will be much simpler.

3. Use a color eyeliner

Another tip may be to start practicing with the colored eyeliner : you can start with slightly lighter colors so that the imperfections of the stroke are less obvious , and then approach black tones such as dark brown or navy blue

4. Draw a dotted line to follow

When delineating the eyes it is better to apply a simple, but effective technique . All you have to do is draw points with the tip of the eyeliner along the top line, and then join them in a single line : if you prefer, you can continue making short stripes, instead of drawing a sharp line … try this technique and you will be surprised by the final result.

5. Change the type of eyeliner

If everything that we have explained to you so far, does not help you to achieve an eyeliner that is perfect, perhaps it is because the eyeliner has found us for you. Think that there is not only one, but we can find different.

Therefore, before giving up the eyeliner, I suggest you try to use a different texture than what you usually use: if you have always used liquid eyeliner (either classic or pen-shaped), try a with gel

Or the combination of eyeliners may be the key to achieving the perfect eyeliner. In this way, I advise you to do the upper eyeliner with the technique of the points and a gel liner and then make the glue with a liquid eyeliner : obviously, in this case, you can decide if you want to use two products with the same finish (glossy or opaque) or, if desired, keep the initial opaque line and the glossy tail; something that will bring a very special style to your eyeliner.

6. Use the adhesive tape technique

Surely you know or have heard about the technique of adhesive tape to get a perfect eyeliner. It consists of cutting a piece of tape or tape and sticking it in the corner of the eye, forming a perpendicular stripe that you can follow to finish the outline on a perfect tail.

In addition, you can place a little more tape on the eyelid, so that with the first piece of tape you get a good eyeliner.

Follow these steps to do it right:

  1. The first piece or the first piece should stick on the outer corner, as if it were a continuation of the lower edge of the eye
  2. While a second piece will be placed on the mobile eyelid so that it leaves a triangle of skin to color.
  3. Normally, a shadow brush and gel eyeliner are used .
  4. On the other hand this is a technique that should be used with a clean eyelid , that is, without an eye shadow: otherwise, you would ruin your makeup!

7. Use the right brush

This tip is especially true for gel textures , which need a brush to be applied. It is best to use a fine brush with a tip that will do well to make the line on the mobile eyelid , while to make the tail up the angle brush can be effective , which has stiffer bristles and allows greater precision.

As for the liquid eyeliner, the difference may be given by the thickness of the tip : there are those who prefer to use a thin one and those who prefer a thicker tip

This is all! If you follow all these steps, you will undoubtedly look like never before, the perfect eyeliner.