How To Apply White Eyeliner?

How To Apply White Eyeliner

The white eyeliner is a double-edged cosmetic. On the one hand it is able to highlight our eyes and give a special shine to our eyes; but, on the other hand, it can be very unnatural. Like everything in life, tilting the balance to one side or the other depends on our skill and the effort to improve our skills. If you want to enjoy the full potential of your white eyeliner , don’t miss our advice on how and when to use it to get its best results.

How to use the white eyeliner?

The white eyeliner is still a normal eyeliner, but the striking color can create a very noticeable contrast that ends up being unflattering. Therefore, we must take special care when applying it.

A key feature of the white eyeliner is that it brings an unmatched luminosity to the look. You can apply it as your usual black eyeliner , but we recommend that you focus mainly on the tear and the corner of the eye . Adding in these two points you will get a much more natural result and, without a doubt, your eyes will enjoy a special shine.

However, we have to tell you that this cosmetic has other uses that escape eye makeup and are very flattering. Would you like to meet them? We show you all the situations in which you can use it.

When to use the white eyeliner?

  1. If you have clear eyes. We are sorry to say it, but the white eyeliner applied as a usual eyeliner is especially harmonious in those pale faces that have green , blue or honey eyes . But this does not mean that dark-eyed women cannot use it, quite the opposite! In fact, by using it well we can obtain much more noticeable results and provide extra light to our eyes.
  2. If your eyes are small. Unlike with black, the white eyeliner brings luminosity to the look, which enhances the effect of larger eyes. To enjoy this effect you will only have to apply it just like your black eyeliner, but affecting the tear and the corner of the eye to give as much light as possible. Of course, if you are looking for a much more natural result we recommend that you only apply it in the water line of the lower eyelid.
  3. If you are tired Tiredness decreases our beauty and eyes are the first affected. If you notice that your face is turned off and lacking in vitality, add a pinch of white eyeliner to the tear. You will come alive with a single touch!
  4. If you want to enhance the eyeshadow. Some eye shadows may be somewhat dull and so subtle that it seems that we have not put on makeup. To highlight its effect, you can reinforce them or replace them with a delineated with the white eyeliner. The result will be much more noticeable and much more elegant.

  1. If you want to outline your eyebrows. Did you think the white eyeliner was only for the eyes? Apply a little just under the arch of your eyebrows and blur it to highlight its shape. You will make them look perfect thanks to the bright touch so flattering it brings.
  2. If you want to eliminate imperfections. There are certain skin marks that are very difficult to hide, such as acne scars or red spots . In both cases you can apply a little of your white eyeliner, blur it and apply the makeup base on it. They will hide a lot!