Everyone likes to look beautiful to the eyes but there are very few women who know how to apply liner properly. However, nowadays, with the introduction of pencil liner in the market, it has become easier for everyone to apply the liner. But if you want to make your eyes look more beautiful, big and attractive, then you have to apply liquid eyeliner for this, because it gives a perfect shape of the liner. But many women find it very difficult to install liquid liner, because it is necessary to be expert in it to be applied efficiently.

It is surprising to see a makeup artist applying eyeliner to a woman’s eyes, how someone can make eyes look so beautiful with a liner. There is a big difference between applying a skilled person’s liner and an inexperienced person’s liner. Here we are telling you some such easy tips which you can also become an expert in applying liquid eyeliner.

Choose the right applicator

For applying eyeliner, it is not necessary that you use the same applicator which you have got with your eyeliner. Rather you use a small angle brush. A fine tip brush allows you to create a thin and precise line. Now remove the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eyelids to the outside. Now add the top and bottom lines. If you are comfortable with your old applicator, do not change it. With the help of this brush you can give out line to eyes but cannot apply eye liner.

Never pull your eyelids

Do not pull the eyelids while applying eye liner. When you drag your skin to apply the liner, it bounces back and comes in the same shape. This brings smudge over the eyes. So keep the eyes open and relax while applying the liner. By doing this your hands will not tremble while applying the liner. Do not make these mistakes while applying mascara .

Take care of equality while applying liner

Applying eyeliner evenly requires a lot of practice. For this, the first practice is to always keep your eyes open whenever applying eyeliner. Most women close their eyes while applying eyeliner. But doing so can damage the liner. This can damage the shape of the liner. So while applying the liner keep both your eyes open and apply the applicator above the eyes at a 45 degree angle.

Makeup according to the shape of the eyes

Nowadays, the classic Cat Eyeliner is very popular. But it does not necessarily look good on your eyes. You have to understand that our eyes are of different sizes such as round, hooded, mono lid and almond shape. So keep in mind that Cat Eyeliner, a graphic swish and flick look, does not look good on Almond Shape’s eyes. If this look is applied on the eyes of a hooded or mono lid shape, it looks worse.

Do not liner in a hurry

Do not open the eye immediately after applying the liner, but keep your eyes closed for five minutes so that the liner does not spread. Also check to see if the liner is fitted correctly. Applying the liner in haste can spoil it and make your eyes look ugly. So first look at your eyes carefully and then apply liner on the eyelids.