Liquid Eyeliner Vs Pencil Vs Gel

The eyeliner is often an additional step in your makeup routine, but the reality is that it can make all the difference. Just using a little of this product between the lines of the eyelashes can achieve that glamor to your look, add more definition and make your eyelashes look thicker. Today there are a lot of formulas that exist in the market instead of your old regular pencil, and that can create a lot of different styles.

Powder eyeliner

Excellent to experiment with the colors of eye shadows that are bright as eyeliners with this you will also get a softer look.

Perhaps when applied while dry it can be difficult to blur, but when used with water it can be used as a gel eyeliner.

* It can be used wet or dry.

* Smooth, blurred finish.

* Hundreds of shadow possibilities.

* Not very pigmented

Pencil eyeliner

This is a 2-in-1 product that can be used as an eye shadow, as well as an eyeliner.

* Easy to use is ideal for beginners.

* It can be used throughout the eyelid as an eye shadow.

* Available in waterproof formulas.

* Excellent pigmentation depending on each pencil.

* Convenient to apply inside the upper lashes (kohl formulas work best)

* Not good for creating precise lines

Liquid eyeliner

It is ideal if you want a fine, precise line near the eyelashes and if you like to experiment with different looks. It is not ideal for beginners since it usually stains the entire eyelid but is used correctly. In general, there is not a wide variety of tones available, but it has a very high degree of permanence.

* Not good for beginners.

* Fantastic to create precise lines.

* Good resilience.

* Tends to have a glossy finish.

* Not suitable for the lower lash line (you will feel a lot of pain!).

Gel eyeliner

Basically, it is the mixture between the pencil eyeliner and the gel eyeliner. Good resistance and is capable of creating precise lines, it can also be used as a pre-base color for your evening makeup. It usually has great pigmentation.

* Matte finish

* Ideal for precise lines.

* Fantastic pigmentation.

* Once established, it has great staying power.

* It can be used as an eye shadow or as a base for eye shadows.

* Many brands offer a wide variety of options.

* Convenient to use inside the upper and lower tabs.

Among the different options of eyeliners the first thing you have to keep in mind is that the practice makes the teacher, if you have never used an eyeliner, let’s start with the basics: a pencil eyeliner, or shadows until you get used to your eyelids to the formulate, when you have enough practice, the next step is to use a liquid eyeliner, preferable in down to have a precise line.

PS: If you have any special event and you want to look spectacular, the foundation of your makeup will be the gel eyeliner that is necessary for this type of event, since it has a very long duration and its pigmentation is very good.