Makeup Tips When Wearing Red Lipstick

Red-haired women are a priori a focus of attention in a crowd of people. And if the make-up is supplemented with red lipstick makeup, the image is fire, not otherwise. But between the bright and vulgar onions is a fine line. Having gone into the wrong color type shade, you risk looking ridiculous, defiant. The article will introduce in detail the possibilities of red lipstick makeup young ladies. We will teach you how to choose the right shade of red lipstick makeup with blue, brown and green eyes. The content of the article is about red lipstick makeup:

Red lipstick for redheads. Find beauty combinations

To choose shades of red lipstick for redheads, you first need to determine the temperature and color saturation of the hair. Red can be fiery copper, reddish, with a chocolate tint, muffled coffee, with pastel peach tones, natural red, dark (closer to the brown-haired woman). And for each type – its own red lipstick.  Perhaps universal warm shades of red lipstick makeup ones can be considered warm calm colors (brick, beige-coral, nude palette in red-orange and red-brown tones).

The choice of tone depends on the situation, case, situation. For every day, red lipstick makeup should be an organic addition to daytime business makeup. Without excessive shine or nacre, elegantly highlighting the lips, but not creating the effect of a fire spot on the face. 

Choose not very dense, translucent textures that are easy to apply on the lips and evenly distributed. And pay attention to the composition of lipstick, some manufacturers add pigments that are absorbed into the skin. The components, as a rule, are harmless, the thing is aesthetics – such a post-effect looks vulgar.

How to choose the right red lipstick for eye color

Eye shade – the defining moment in choosing a palette of decorative cosmetics. Red lipstick, which can be not only classically red, is no exception. How to choose red lipstick red-haired and brown-haired? Look into her eyes.

Makeup artists recommend girls with green eyes to pay attention to the palette, which includes notes of lilac – green becomes deeper, more expressive. Brick (both bright and muted), red-orange and other bright red variations are also appropriate here.

Blue-eyed redheads are better to look at coral shades, red with pink tints or classic rich red. In combination with these tones, the eyes become lighter in the color of the sky.

If you have tea, amber, hazel or dark brown eyes, red lipstick should be closer to cherry, burgundy, noble wine. You can experiment with the texture: gloss, mother of pearl, metallic effect, sparkles. But do not forget to keep a balance in the accent of makeup (bright lips – muted eyeshadows).

The same rules work in choosing red lipstick makeup for brown-haired women with brown, green and blue eyes.

How to choose the color of red lipstick to match skin tone

Your cosmetics bags should have at least two red lipsticks – one for winter and one for summer. A color that is suitable for fair skin can give a dark earthy hue and vice versa.

Let’s start with the fair-skinned. If your face is like a porcelain doll – noble white or milky, the red lipstick should not be too bright. Give preference to a palette that goes into an orange gamut. Notes of peach, red clay, nasturtium, a little tangerine or copper, coral – focus on these red variations, and your skin color will not appear bluish or greenish (one of the problems in the make-up of fair-skinned girls).

To dark-skinned young ladies, make-up artists offer to include red-cherry lipstick in the cosmetic bag, with shades of burgundy, purple, red-brown, wine, dark scarlet, ruby. The tone of the face will look even and beautiful.

Therefore, the question “what color of hair is red lipstick suitable for” is more correct to rephrase and ask more important beauty landmarks: eyes and skin tone.

Rules for make-up with red lipstick

Now we will collect all the most important nuances in choosing red lipstick makeup for redheads and brown-haired women. Complying with these beauty recommendations is not at all difficult.

5 tips from makeup artists:

  1. Hue should be in harmony with eye color and skin tone. Red for light and dark-skinned individuals is different, there is no universal option here. If a bright scarlet looks spectacular on young ladies with a beautiful golden skin tone, then for girls with a “noble whiteness” it will be too flashy, will take over all the accents, emphasize the flaws.
  2. An important role is played by the texture of lipstick. If your skin is far from ideal (pores are enlarged, acne, there are aesthetic defects), avoid lip cosmetics with a shimmer effect, gloss and mother of pearl. Your option is a matte texture, but not too powdery.
  3. The color of red lipstick makeup should not be brighter than your hair. This applies to all hair shades: copper, red-red, dark and light red, muted. Otherwise, the lips will look like an autonomous bright spot.
  4. Observe situationality, choose a color for the decor, occasion, event that you are going to. For daytime makeup, its own red (calm, nude, mostly matte), for evening – bright or dark tones that complement your look with rich notes (red-cherry, wine, burgundy, scarlet, tomato, ruby, garnet).
  5. Be careful with orange shades, especially carrot red – it is suitable only for girls with copper-red hair, brown, tea-green, dark amber eyes. In the anti-list are fair-skinned young ladies (lipstick of saturated orange-red color will “kill” the image).

How to apply red lipstick 

Red does not tolerate errors. Each defect will be visible to the naked eye. Therefore, the use of red lipstick makeup should take into account the important rules of makeup. Let’s start with the preparation of the lips – the skin should be moisturized, without peeling and cracks.


There are three stages, each of which supplements the previous one. The task is to give the skin softness, remove peeling from the surface, restore the lips a healthy look.

Stage 1. Exfoliation.

There are several ways to remove dry skin particles. One of them is a scrub. Peelings with a natural eco-composition are best used: coffee beans, granulated honey, cane sugar, grape or crushed peach seed. Apply the composition on the lips and massage for a minute, then rinse with water and pat dry with a towel. 

The second method is massaging with a toothbrush (you can with a scrub and without). 30 seconds will be enough. The third way is to apply a moisturizer on your lips, leave it for 10 minutes and then hold it with a dry rough towel or a terry cloth. 

Whatever option you choose, the main task should be to remove dead skin without mechanical injury to the surface.

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Stage 2. Recovery.

During scrubbing, microcracks could appear on the skin, which would appear unaesthetically under the lipstick layer. To avoid this, apply a revitalizing compress to your lips or make a mask with chamomile extract. Apply a decoction on a cotton pad and apply for 15 minutes to your lips. An alternative is a baby cream with aloe (spread on the surface and leave for 20 minutes). 

Stage 3. Nutrition. 

Intensively restores the structure of olive and coconut oil. The exposure time should be at least 30 minutes. Special nourishing creams or balms are also suitable. This stage is final before applying lipstick.

Red Lipstick Makeup Technology

Let’s start with the necessary tools and beauty tools that will be needed in makeup. Your cosmetic bag should have: a pencil for the contour (a little darker than the tone of the lipstick), foundation and primer, a primer (leveling the texture of the lips), a special thin brush and the lipstick itself. You can proceed.

Let’s talk about ways that will give your lips a special sensuality. The first classic, which professional makeup artists use in applying makeup. First, we lay the foundation: foundation and primer. Apply best with a sponge, gently imprinting cosmetics on the skin. The next step is the outline, which is carefully drawn with a pencil. The line should go clearly along the borders of the lips or slightly go beyond it (by 1 mm). Then proceed to filling. Apply lipstick with a thin brush, evenly spreading over the entire surface (the layer should be the same both in the corners and in the center). The final touch – powder the skin around the lips. This is necessary so that the red lipstick makeup looks contrasting on the face, the lips-shape stands out effectively.

The second method does not require professional skills. As they say, the grandmother’s method, but a little improved. We outline the shape with a pencil, apply lipstick to the lips (you can use a brush or the stick itself – as you wish), dab it with a dry paper towel. Then again apply lipstick and blot again. The color is deep and saturated, there are no traces on the dishes and the make-up lasts longer.

Secrets of red lipstick makeup artists

How to give lips lips sensuality, sexuality, make it more voluminous, create the effect of glossy gloss or luxurious shimmer – we share professional secrets:

  • The “bird” technique makes lips more sensual, the color is more expressive. With a pencil on a tone darker than lipstick, put the letters Y on the lips (a tick on the upper lip, in the center). Lightly blend with a brush or fingertips and apply lipstick on top.
  • A highlighter and shine will help to add volume to the lips. According to the classical scheme, we make up the lips, then in the center we apply a highlighter and gently blend it, from above – a translucent gloss. Highlighting in the center visually increases the shape.
  • If you want to draw a contour clearly, make the lips make-up elegant and sophisticated – learn to use a pencil. Draw the shape and stroke the outer zones (corners). Blend and apply lipstick a tone lighter than a pencil. This makeup technique is suitable for those who are faced with the task of narrowing the horizontal lips.
  • The effect of flickering or metallic gloss on the lips will be given by textured glitters or glitter powders, which are applied to the lipstick and then “printed” with a top coating – it can be a transparent lip gloss or special powder.

Red lipstick makeup – a material that is selected individually for the shade of hair, eyes, skin tone. The red-haired girls themselves are bright, in choosing the shade of lipstick it is important not to go too far and stop at a beauty stick that will organically complement the natural data and will not draw all the emphasis on itself. We hope our tips of red lipstick makeup come in handy and you can easily create a relevant and harmonious look.