Red Lipstick Tips And Tricks

Red lipstick tips and tricks. It drives crazy not only men, but also women, making lips beautiful and sexy. Red color attracts attention, is the color of passion, energy. This color is most often chosen by leaders, not every girl dares to paint her lips red and be in plain sight. But red lipstick goes to everyone! Yes, absolutely everyone. You must choose the right shade. The content of the article is about red lipstick tips and tricks:

There is plenty of red lipstick: starting from carrot and ending with dark cherry. Many representatives of the fair sex completely refuse red lipstick, not choosing the right shade. But red lipstick can be used at any age. She will give you charm, femininity, make your image memorable, spectacular, give confidence. Isn’t that what most ladies strive for? 

How to choose the right red lipstick

Let’s talk about how to choose a shade of red lipstick. For the fair sex, having fair skin, red lipstick of cold shades is suitable. For swarthy women, it is best to choose orange shades. If you have a neutral skin tone, use coral color. In cases where the teeth are not white enough, cold shades of lipstick can only emphasize yellowness, so be careful in this regard and pay attention to this fact. When applying red lipstick, the rest of the makeup should be in soft colors.

Some ladies still use red lipstick in combination with bright shadows, arrows, saturated colors with blush. It makes makeup vulgar and defiant.

It is worth thinking about what color the outfit will be on you. Red lipstick will go well with a white, black or red kit. Use other colors with caution.

Myths about red lipstick

There are many false opinions about red lipstick. Out of ignorance, girls and women believe in them and stop using red lipstick, but someone does not even start at all. It is time to dispel myths and find out that from what was said about red lipstick there is frank slander and which in no case should be believed.

Myth 1. Only vulgar women allow themselves to use red lipstick. It is not true! Red lipstick is a style, a classic. With the right choice of shade and combination with clothes, red lipstick gives the lady a unique charm and grace.

Myth 2. Red lipstick is worn only in the evening. Of course, a myth! In daytime makeup, red lipstick is also used with great success.

Myth 3. Red lipstick does not go to either red or blondes. Too nonsense. Red lipstick is matched to skin color, and, as we have said, it goes to absolutely everyone! Believing in this myth, many ladies refuse red lipstick and deprive themselves of the pleasure of catching the admiring glances of others.

Myth 4. Red lipstick flows over the creases at the mouth and it spoils the makeup. Well, if you choose a high-quality lipstick, then it will not spread and spoil the make-up. When choosing lipstick, it is important to pay attention to the brand, to know about the quality of cosmetics, not to buy nonsense in one word. Carefully approach the question of choosing lipstick. As you can see, there are myths about red lipstick and many take them for the truth, denying themselves the pleasure of wearing red lipstick.

 How to apply red lipstick- red lipstick tips and tricks

You must be able to properly use red lipstick in makeup. Learning this is easy. You will need powder, contour pencils of red and white colors, lip gloss, brush, well, and, in fact, the red lipstick itself. Do not paint immediately from the tube. In this case, the color is too bright. It is better to apply red lipstick with your fingers or with a special brush.

  •  Before you make-up your lips, powder them lightly. After that, you can proceed to the circuit. For him, choose a pencil or one color with lipstick, or use a white pencil. Lip liner will help to make a clear contour and avoid the spread of lipstick.

  • Draw a bend of the upper lip; it was called “cupid” by make-up artists. After that, make a contour of the lower lip. If your lips are thin, then the outline can be done just above the line of the lips. This will help to visually increase them. Blend the lip contour to avoid clear boundaries.

If you decide to apply red lipstick with your fingers, then first put a spot of lipstick in the center of the upper and lower lips, then blend the lipstick to the corners.

This procedure needs to be performed several times if you want to achieve saturated color. With a brush, you need to perform the same movements as with your finger.

  • Choosing a brush is best flat and more or less wide, so that it is comfortable to work with. In the center, your lips should be richer than in the corners of your mouth. The color of the lips in this place should be close to natural.

What does red lipstick go with?- red lipstick tips and tricks

Choose red lipstick is still half the battle. It is also important to correctly apply makeup, which will go well with lipstick of the chosen shade of red. Your eyebrows should be clear, even, thick enough, have a shape suitable for you.

Eyelashes can be extended, but they should look natural, not elaborate. You can use eyeliner at will, again remembering that you need to apply it very carefully so that the arrows on both eyes are as close as possible to each other. Eye shadow is best chosen from nude colors, you can use the beige and brown palette. Matte red lipstick looks more sophisticated than radiant, but visually it reduces the lips.

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What shade of red lipstick suits brown-haired women

If you are a brown-haired woman, then you are among the lucky ones. This is another good red lipstick tips and tricks that… any shade of red lipstick will suit you! Even banned for blondes, ginger and brunettes carrots. True, it is worth making some clarifications. Copper-red and red-coral shades of lipstick are most suitable for girls and women with fair skin. Blacks can use crimson red lipstick, which will make them even more attractive and more noticeable.

For those who are just starting to get used to red lipstick, you can choose a shade from the caramel-brown palette. Experiment, choose a shade of red lipstick for the outfit, for the mood. Many brown-haired women opt for red-burgundy, red-berry, raspberry and cherry shades of lipstick. Classic red is also chosen by many ladies.

  • Tip: in

    order not to stain the front teeth with red lipstick, first they should be a little greased with petroleum jelly.

How to choose red lipstick red

To the question of whether red lipstick goes red, you can get a definite answer “yes”! Red-haired girls do not remain without attention, and red lipstick adds brightness, ardor, sultry to them. Red-haired girls are harder to choose the tone of red lipstick than the rest. It is best to choose a shade of lipstick so that it is closer to the natural red hair color.

  • Tip:

    red-haired girls should exclude cold, wine, carrot and purple shades of red lipstick.

Apply a classic bright color carefully, carefully selecting an outfit for it. Choose shades of neutral, calm shades. So, in your image, the emphasis is not only on the lips, but also on the hair. It is very important not to overdo it with makeup. It is important to remember that the color of the lipstick should not be brighter than the color of the hair.

Another red lipstick tips and tricks is to choose a shade of red lipstick, paying attention to its combination with your hair color, skin color, outfit. Do not be afraid to use red lipstick and look vulgar. Red lipstick is stylish, graceful, effective. She is a classic, one of the universal cosmetic products that will never go out of style.

Scarlett Johansson, a famous popular Hollywood actress, a sex symbol, shared the following secret that can be taken into service.

If you did not get enough sleep or did not apply makeup, if you are pale or tired, you should just make up your lips very brightly. This distracts attention from everything else.

Red lipstick dictates its own rules: the skin tone must be perfect, it itself is smooth, without any flaws, imperfections. Keeping in mind all the nuances when choosing a red lipstick, you can choose the perfect shade for yourself. Indulge in the luxury of wearing red lipstick tips and tricks.