Tips To Apply Eyeliner

Tips To Apply Eyeliner

Intensely black, blue, lacquered, metallic, felt, brush, liquid, gel, discreet or very pronounced, sixties style … with eyeliner, you no longer know where to look! Drawing the perfect line is also a real headache. So step by step, we teach you to master the technique of line drawing.

By emphasizing the edge of the eyelids and marrying the lashes to perfection, the eyeliner gives us a classy and sensual look. Brigitte Bardot , Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and even Claudia Cardinale made it cult. Today, the stars adore it and continue to adopt and decline it. Because the art of eyeliner was not exclusively reserved for them, we give you some tips to match and make your makeup a success.

How to choose your eyeliner?

Before you even get started on the route, choose the product that suits you best. What color should be used to enhance your pupils? Which texture will be the most practical? Zoom on the different liners and their advantages.

The color

The eyeliner is very often black. Classic, glamorous, this color adapts to all occasions and is equally suitable for daytime makeup as an evening make-up. It has the advantage of giving depth to the eyes in a single stroke.
However, if you choose a colored eyeliner, avoid tone on tone at all costs. Associating the color of her eyes with that of her makeup weakens the complexion and hardens the facial features. The blue eyes must therefore avoid the blue liner, the green eyes green, etc. The only exception: brown eyes which, lucky people, can afford almost anything, including brown eyeliner.

In winter, clear eyes can choose plum, brown or even navy blue tones. Brown eyes can be adorned with dark brown or black to give more depth to the look, while hazel eyes can take on copper tones just like blue eyes. If you have green eyes, choose a burgundy or a purple.
In summer, if you dare, you can try more sparkling colors, a little in the color block spirit, such as pink (ideal for emphasizing blue pupils), turquoise (very pretty to highlight brown eyes !) or orange. Note that the line is then a little thicker than for a classic black eyeliner. For summer, you can also bet on shades of iridescent eyeliners. Small advice: if you choose to highlight your eyes, have a light hand to make up the rest of your face (complexion, lips).

The texture

The eyeliner can be found in different forms, each product having its advantages and disadvantages:

  • The pencil: a practical format for those who are not used to putting on eyeliner. You can also easily blend it to get a smoky look. Only problem: her outfit It tends to fade over the hours. Also be careful to always have a well-cut lead when you apply it.
  • Felt: the lead can be more or less thick, which makes it possible to adapt to everyone’s desires. Another advantage: the pigments of a felt liner dry quickly. Suddenly, you must master the application at the risk of having to start again if you do not get there the first time.
  • The jar (gel, cream): this eyeliner is applied with a brush and therefore allows you to play on the intensity of the color or the size and shape of the line you want to dress your eyes. On the other hand, here again, you must know how to master your tool for a clean and burr-free application.
  • Liquid eyeliner: it allows you to work with precision on the outline thanks to a fairly fine brush and has good hold. On the other hand, we cannot really play on the thickness of the liner line.

And the waterproof eyeliner? Whether you choose the pencil, the felt or the liquid version, all formats can be found in waterproof product version. There are still some differences with a classic product like the price (slightly higher) and the hold (these are water-repellent products therefore difficult to remove. Be careful not to rub too much so as not to irritate the sensitive skin of the eyes !). Finally, waterproof eyeliner also requires a certain amount of skill for a nickel application. But, in case of a small burr, you can always use a cotton swab moistened with a little makeup remover suitable for waterproof products to correct things.

How to make an impeccable line of eyeliner for the day?

For an optimal result, the ideal is to start by brushing your eyebrows well with a brush, since they constitute the basis of eye makeup . Then, the thicker your line of eyeliner, the more your complexion (imperfections, shine, depilation, dark circles, etc.) must be flawless, since the line of liner accentuates the look.

The application, it depends on the shape of your eyes:

  • If your eyes are rather round: accentuate the outside of the eye.
  • If your eyes are elongated or almond shaped: make a line to the inner corner of the eye by thickening the middle.
  • If your eyes are small: work the outside of the eye at the top and bottom to enlarge the look.

Too many women follow the natural line of the eye when they apply eyeliner. It’s an odd one. By doing so, you accentuate your faults! The best thing to do is from the inside of the eye to the outside. And, raise the eyelid to avoid making the eyes fall.
At the end of the line of eyeliner, leave the natural shape of the eyelid to slightly raise the line upwards and form a (more or less large / large) comma. This gesture opens your eyes.
To refine the layout, blend slightly with a brush or foam tip.
Finally, underline the outer corner of the eye, always blurring the line of eyeliner.

Some tips:

  • For a perfect line of eyeliner, you can slightly sharpen the lead with a pencil using a pencil sharpener or a handkerchief.
  • Soak your bevel brush very lightly in a little water.
  • For an even smoother and more intense result, add a touch of light with a little iridescent shade applied with your finger or a brush.

A dash of eyeliner for the night? Our advice for a perfect make-up

A makeup with a touch of eyeliner brings a lot of intensity to a make-up for the evening. If you want a smoky, smoky look, work the arch with a dark shade.
Blend with a piece of cotton or a brush. Still with your finger, blur the outer corner of the eye. To avoid weighing down the eyes, we advise you to take the temple bone as a fulcrum.
Lightly wet your brush.
Prepare your route with a little shade and underline the outer corner of the eye.
This will facilitate the use of the liquid eyeliner. To avoid overflowing, wring out your brush.

Last tips for a flawless look:

  • Make a line of eyeliner all at once to avoid shaking.
  • Before applying, shake your eyeliner to distribute the pigments well.
  • Stretch the eyelid well to avoid wrinkling and unsightly demarcations.
  • Close your eyes and let dry, especially if you have small eyelids!

Result: the eye is enlarged and very sexy! Just add a touch of mascara. And it’s done !