White Vs Black Eyeliner

white vs black eyeliner

I hope you are having an excellent start to the week (I know today is the second day) but it is never too late to make good vibes …

This post excites me a lot since, until a few months ago I didn’t know that I could use the white eyeliner for various things when it comes to makeup.

But what is the difference between a white and a black eyeliner?

Well, as we know, the black eyeliner is the classic one, for smoky eyes, for a deep look, some for an intimidating hehehe (it shouldn’t be that way, right?), And to wear beautiful eyes on party nights.

But well, one very important thing is to know also that when we delineate our water line (it is the line that marks the lower eyelid) of black color, our eyes automatically “look” smaller.

This is when we must know the shape of our eyes (in another post I will talk about them) to know how to choose the color of eyeliner better (that does not mean you can not use black eh), but that is the effect that gives a line of black water

But obviously, those of us who are fanatics of him probably don’t care much.

Well, now we will go to the white eyeliner.

With the white eyeliner we can do different things:

First of all, they have to know that when we use a white eyeliner in the eye our eyes automatically light up, for this they can use it in the tear zone and up to half of the water line, and in the outer bottom they can complement it with Other color eyeliner.

Also, if they use it completely in the water line, their eyes will automatically look bigger (an advantage if they have small eyes) but not so much that they look bad.

It is really very useful that they use a little in the tear if they were revealed at the party yesterday or last week they had so many exams or jobs that they could not sleep more than 3 hours a day, it will illuminate them and minimize the effect of tired eyes.

Whatever your favorite, now you know the advantages of each and I recommend you try both.

Have an excellent week full of successes and many emotions to the fullest.